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Cube Planters at Millennium Library

November 27, 2012

The Millennium Library in Winnipeg is a four-storey, 110,000-square-foot building located on Donald St. The library has seen significant renovations over the last ten years. The most recent addition, the Millennium Library Park, was completed in 2012 and features artificial wetland, a beautiful wooden walkway, and public art. We are proud... (0 Comments)

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Siloam Mission Madison Lodge

October 30, 2012

Recently, barkman donated diamond face slabs to Siloam Mission for a renovation project at Madison Lodge.  The slabs were a small part of a much larger renovation Siloam has been working on since April 2011. The lodge is located in Wolseley and currently houses more than 75 people, with numbers expected... (0 Comments)

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Replacing a Broken Paver

October 04, 2012

One significant advantage pavers have over stamped or poured concrete (aside from looking better) is the ease in which a crack can be fixed. Paving stones interlock, meaning each stone is held in place by the adjoining stones and not by mortar. This allows a paved surface to move as... (0 Comments)

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Trenching in Alberta

September 28, 2012

barkman was able to showcase their trenching at a trade show in Alberta recently. Along with that, I was privileged to be allowed to visit a location where trench had already been delivered and was being installed as I was on location. The site visit was great and spending most... (0 Comments)

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Installing Techniseal Polymeric Sand

September 24, 2012

Techniseal® has uploaded a great video detailing the steps involved in installing polymeric sand on a paved surface. Polymeric sand is a type of jointing sand that hardens when activated by water, while still retaining a degree of flexibility. These characteristics make polymeric sand resistant to both erosion and... (0 Comments)

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