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barkman at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

September 15, 2011

Barkman exhibits new glass fibre reinforced concrete concepts

September 8, 2011 - September represented a milestone month for barkman as we unveiled our new glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) site furnishing lines to select architects and designers at the Winnipeg Art Gallery rooftop terrace.

The product lines “kurve” and “cube” introduces unique designs and concepts that employ the strength and durability of reinforced concrete.

The Kurve line is focused on creating smooth and sleek lines. The ribbon-like design of all the site furnishings in the series creates a modern yet organic feel suitable for residential and commercial applications alike. The Kurve seating components incorporate a low profile cushion that brings warmth, color and comfort to the design aesthetic.

The Cube line is focused on maintaining simplicity in its aesthetic while embracing complexity in its design. The linear right-angled design of all the site furnishings in the series creates a simple, modern appeal. This line has a vibrant character shown through the unique accent spaces and LED lighting within the Cube seating and the Cube tall planter. Cube is the ideal selection for commercial opportunities.

“We’re excited to break into this industry in this manner” said Alan Barkman, President of barkman. ”We’re curious to see the different ways designers will use our GFRC process for their future projects.”

At the end of the event a draw was held for a few of the pieces. Here is what happened...

The lines on display featured 14 pieces which ranged from GFRC coffee tables and loungers to planters and bollards at prices ranging from $295 to $1,795. These lines will be available to the public in the coming year.