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Continuous Improvement Is More than a Motto with our New Slabs

January 31, 2017 by Nick Dueck

Barkman Concrete’s Dynasty Slab lineup had been at the forefront of slab sales for as long as I have been a member of the Barkman team. However the machine that produced these blocks was starting to become a little dated. It is both a happy and sad day to see Barkman discontinue the old Dynasty lineup to make room for our new and improved slab lineup -- Brookside Slabs and Lexington Tiles.

As technology continues to drive our society forward, it also continuously improves how we function within our everyday personal and business lives.  When most people walk by a piece of concrete, they don’t usually stop and think that our technological advances have had any impact on what they are in fact standing on. No, we haven’t found a way to add 4k quality, better sound systems, or any of the usual things you hear when speaking on technological advances, but it allowed us to open a world of other options pertaining to concrete.

The brand-new coloring system allows for some distinct features that are unique to Barkman products. One of the huge advantages is the use of different cement colors, which allows for a much larger color portfolio for Barkman to produce from. The Lexington lineup will include colors such as Sterling, Flint and Sandstone. These new color blends lean towards modern homes with cotemporary color blends. The new sterling color takes a totally different spin then our previous slabs by including both white and black color tones in the same slab, along with a flint color, offering a slight amount of rust tones throughout. These rust tones have been a top seller in the veneer world for a couple years now as they complement a earthier tone, and we look forward to adding this in our slab lineup. A few of these colors will also be available in our new Architextures wall lineup as well as our new Mesa Flagstone, allowing our new colors to full encapsulate your landscape should you choose.


The quality control systems of the new Hess machine bring Barkman to the leading edge of manufacturing. The new molds we have received are amazing and we are confident that the quality of our new slabs will be unmatched in the market. Barkman has even created in-line systems to help protect the slabs, by creating thin plastic layer separators to ensure the faces of the slabs never rub together during handling or transportation, so you have a pristine product when it is delivered on site. Our censors are now verifying concrete mix control several times a second to ensure the proper amount of water content, reducing any slump in the mix. So what does these new molds and quality control testing mean for you -- slabs that are level and consistent every time, making these slabs a clear choice for any walkway or patio.

Barkman is pleased to announce that these slabs are being produced as we speak. Some of our dealers already have stock and for those that don’t,  it will be readily available. New display stands are being constructed as we speak in order to give a sample piece for all to see. Please be sure to check out our website and visit our dealer locator to find a dealer near you. Barkman will also be focusing a lot of trade show booth display space to this new line. Be sure to check out our website for any upcoming shows in your area to see these beauties up close and personal.

About Nick Dueck

I am a Product Consultant for the Winnipeg Area. Contact me at 1-800-342-2879.