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The Way We Roll

March 30, 2011

For the past couple of months, Barkmans have been hard at work putting a new product line together. The products are our brand new landscape kits. There are a bunch of different types of kits ranging from some very savvy backyard patios to an outdoor bar that will make all of your neighbors jealous. All of these kits will be on display at the Home Show at the Winnipeg Convention Centre this weekend at our booth as well as a smattering will show up in some of our contractor's and dealer's booths.

Being in the marketing department, I have been involved in putting together some installation videos for our landscape kits. The videos took a lot of elbow grease, some considerable thought and a lot of  time to put together. Our studio was an old potato shed on the outskirts of town that also houses a martial arts class for some youngsters. The shed really wasn't much to start with. It has a concrete floor, metallic walls and some large fluorescent lights that really don't work very well for film. After bringing in some trees and all of our new kits, it started to look much less like a potato shed and more like a pretty sweet back yard.

We decided to do most of our instruction guide with stop motion animation. if you aren't sure what that is, its when you take picture after picture and only move the subject of the picture a very little bit between each picture. When you put all the pictures together and play them one after the other you have the illusion that the subject is moving. We would start with the finished product and then take it down piece by piece taking pictures in between . After we were done, we reversed the order of the pictures and ended up with a shot that looks like our kits build themselves!

We also wanted to have a finished shot with some models in it. We rented a track for the camera to roll smoothly on (which was AWESOME!! the camera glided like butter! Anyone who has ever done a video project in high school knows how hard it is to hold a camera steady while someone pushes you on the teacher's rolling office chair) while getting a nice beauty shot of the product surrounded by models. I believe that we turned out a worthy set of videos for our kits. but I will let you be the judge. Here are two of our kit videos. I have chosen these two specifically because the Oasis Circle Patio really shows off the stop motion aspect that I spoke about earlier and I chose the Belvedere Pillar because yours truly is the model in the video! I'm sure that someday I will be famous for my amazingly good looks in this video. Leave a comment for me!