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Alliance Polybind Complete

The First. The Best. The Only.

Polybind Complete Sand is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand. The installation of Polybind Complete Sand is almost identical to using regular paver joint sand except for the application of water. Once Polybind Complete Sand sets, it becomes very firm and locks between the paver joints while still retaining flexibility and providing a long lasting, durable jointing material.

  • Alliance Polybind Complete

    Alliance Polybind Complete


  • Nevada Tan

    Nevada Tan

  • Oxford Grey

    Oxford Grey

  • Jet Black

    Jet Black

  • Ivory white

    Ivory white

Colors shown may vary

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the color representations found on this website. However, due to the natural characteristics of concrete, the manufacturing process and on-screen display, actual colors in the final product may vary from that shown.