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Skate Parks

Designed for Skaters

All Barkman skate parks are designed by our own expert skate park design team in consultation with the world’s leading skate park design and build company, Spohn Ranch, to ensure that every park we build has the right mix of flow and challenge to keep skaters of all levels coming back for more. 

Engineered for Safety and Reduced Noise

Improperly manufactured concrete parks can quickly become unsafe due to cracks, chips and a rough riding surface that arise from improper curing and finishing during the casting process. This can increase the incidence of injuries at a skate park. Barkman skate parks, however, can be counted on to deliver superior durability, ride and performance thanks to Barkman’s proprietary manufacturing process using Barkman precast technology which ensures an extremely strong, smooth riding surface that stands up to wear from the elements and riders. Additionally, Barkman skate parks are extremely quiet, thanks to the natural sound absorption afforded by Barkman’s high-density precast concrete. This makes them virtually noiseless when compared to other structures – an important consideration if the park is to be located in a residential neighborhood.

Built to Last

Every feature of Barkman parks is made from high-strength precast concrete, produced in Barkman’s state-of-the-art facilities, and manufactured with a minimum of 6,000 lbs. per square inch of compressive strength. Because we maintain complete control during the mixing and curing process, we can ensure that our concrete always meets our strict standards, thus avoiding the surface inconsistencies, which can occur with other forms of concrete fabrication and installation. Contrast this with poured-in-place parks that can have rough seams and joints due to differences in concrete batches from one pour to the next. Our process also ensures consistency in height, length and transition, which ensures that all Barkman skate parks have a uniform surface and no surprising irregularities common with other methods of casting or shotcreting concrete.

Skateable Art

For communities looking for something extra special in their neighbourhood, Barkman offers unique “Sk8 Art”, which are as much a piece of sculpture as they are skateable - providing the ideal marriage between art and skate. The result is an almost irresistible challenge for any skater. As such they are the perfect answer for communities looking to lure skaters away from skateable landscaping where their presence can be disruptive to others, to a more appropriate skating environment.

Service and Support

Barkman will work closely with you through all stages of your skate park project. During the initial concept and needs assessment stage, Barkman provides a consultation service that can help your community establish the project’s parameters and answer any preliminary questions that residents or officials may have regarding the project (including assisting you with any public forums regarding the project). Once you’re ready to build, Barkman will work with you to help you design a park that suits your budget, your location and the needs of your local skaters. This service is available free of charge for qualified customers. If your community requires revisions to the design, these can be done quickly and accurately. We also assist in and/or lead the installation process – everything from on-site assembly supervision to complete component installation. Finally, after installation is complete we can provide an ongoing consulting service, to help you with any further upgrades or site planning issues you may have.