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Skate Parks

Precast Concrete Technology Exclusive to Barkman

Not all concrete is the same. While basic concrete may be one of the easiest materials to produce, making concrete of superior quality is a challenge. This is especially true of the type of concrete required for skate parks where surface smoothness and concrete durability are paramount. Here, Barkman’s precast concrete technology, perfected through extensive R&D and Barkman’s almost six decades of experience as a concrete manufacturer, allows it to manufacture concrete to the special tolerances, stresses and standards required by the world’s best skate parks. Key to Barkman's technology is an approach that sees every skate park as a custom installation, with both mix and method being adapted to the requirements of the project. This approach is in direct contrast to many of Barkman's competitors which use the same mix and method for every project.

The need for a custom approach stems from the fact that concrete quality can be affected by variables at every point in the manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process these include variations in the size and type of aggregates used, the order the materials enter the mixer, the mixing action itself, the air temperature and – most importantly – the amount of water in the mix. When casting the concrete, closely monitoring the environment is also crucial to achieving optimum strength and durability. Important variables on site include air temperature, rain, wind and shifting forms. Another often-overlooked consideration is the drying rate of moisture from the surface of freshly placed concrete, which if not controlled can lead to surface durability issues down the road. To monitor and control these many variables throughout the manufacturing and laying process, Barkman has invested heavily in the proper equipment, facilities and technology required – a claim other skate park companies can’t always make. If you seek the best quality concrete for your skate park, insist that it be made with Barkman’s precast technology.

Barkman Meets or Exceeds Industry Standards

Barkman manufactures and tests our products for quality assurance and compliance to ASTM and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards.