Architextures – A Modern Evolution

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on March 28th, 2017

The New Architextures Retaining Wall System is unlike any other retaining wall system on the market. It is the first retaining wall system of its kind to use modern production techniques found in paving stone production and adapt them to create this unique, one of a kind modular wall system we call Architextures.

The advancements in the production process allows the Architextures retaining wall system to be manufactured “face up”, just like a paving stone. The result is a superior quality, smooth surface face finish with a multitude of unique and never seen before color options in a retaining wall system.

Typical small block retaining wall systems are limited by the technology used in the manufacturing process. This results in quality issues for installers, limited color options and the same textures or “split face” look that has been in most markets for decades. The New Architextures Retaining Wall System takes a new approach and provides the modern, linear, and contemporary look that the other modular walls systems do not.

The added benefits of the Architextures retaining wall system is its unique interlocking design that creates a 1 degree batter (set-back). This is the first of its kind in the market to allow designers and installers to build with a modular system that is pre-designed with modern and linear elements already taken into consideration. The Architextures wall system will now provide a modular option to the typical “cast-in-place” commercial wall systems that can become costly to form and construct and because the Architextures wall system is a solid block modular system, it allows for other design elements like railings for ramps and stairs to be added in public areas. This product is a two-man install and we’ve worked with Risi Stone to develop machine-install techniques that will help make it easier for installers to use this wall for different types of applications.  Versatility, durability, quality, and contemporary modern linear design is what the new Architextures retaining wall system from Barkman was designed for.

Here is a link to our Architextures Install Guide for product installation.

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