Barkman and the University of Calgary Partner for Architectural Design Competition

Written by Jason Plett Published on April 24th, 2018

For the second year running, Barkman partnered with the University of Calgary to hold the Architectural Student Design Competition.

Students were tasked with designing an element or series of elements using precast concrete that would act as a physical barrier for pedestrians and cyclists travelling alongside a road. In Calgary, the addition of curbs and barriers alongside bicycle lanes have improved the safety of pedestrians through the narrowing of intersections. Judges were looking for utilitarian designs that served as a physical barrier for safety while providing additional benefits such as enhancing the spatial, social or ecological characteristics of the space. Each design also needed to be easily replicable in order to be viable as a commercial product.

3rd Place Winner –  The Urban Iceberg  $1000 prize
Created by Jackson Brandt

The Urban Iceberg transforms vehicular infrastructure into a safe, vibrant public realm that pubs cyclists first. The design is inspired by actual icebergs and aims to heighten spatial, and visual allure on streetscapes that commonly offer little to no uniqueness or sense of place. It’s reversible pattern made of 2 different forms can also that no two spaces will have to look the same. Each form can be cast with or without planting beds depending on the application. The design will have the potential to greatly improve the pedestrians realm in cities as a whole, sparking curiosity and interest to whoever finds them in their temporary settling place, like an iceberg floating in the ocean.

Text adapted from the student submission.

2nd Place Winner –  Honey Hex – $1250 prize
Created by Yi Zhu

This series of precast concrete pieces are designed to reclaim the right-of-way for pedestrians and cyclists. Each module is designed to fulfill a certain function, such as providing seating, serving as a planter, barrier or bike stand.  They can be used either by themselves or combined together to create interesting spaces for temporary and permanent uses. The flexibility of the module makes it easy to install at a professional level. However, due to the weight of the material, cannot be moved by users, alleviating any safety issues on site.

Text adapted from the student submission.

1st Place Winner –  The Link! System – $1500 prize
Created by Gordan Skilling

The Link! System is a precast, glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) infrastructure element that acts as both green stormwater management and as tactical urban intervention, whose versatile form allows for almost infinite possibilities. The unique Link! System design expresses both strength and adaptability in how it utilizes its material to connect. Each link has a built in drainage route that allows stormwater to flow through the modules. The planter portion can also be capped with a seating unit, making it into a dynamic public bench. Link! breaks the urban infrastructure mold, and offers true green curb appeal.

Text adapted from the student submission.

Barkman would like to congratulate all the winners for their wonderful creations and thank the faculty and staff for working with us to create this opportunity.

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