Barkman Creates New Sign for Providence

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on April 5th, 2012

In a March news release on the Providence University CollegeĀ website, the school describes their name change and signage which was produced by barkman’s talented custom/ skate department. We’ve provided an excerpt below:

“In June, 2011, Providence was granted authority by the Manitoba legislature to change its undergraduate school name to Providence University College. As part of the name change process a new sign was designed and installed that will carry the Providence name into the future. This new sign is a precast concrete structure that stands nearly 9 feet tall and is 21 feet long. It is very impressive with intricate masonry work and contrasting bold black lettering.

This new sign is a substantial addition to the Providence campus. It was designed and fabricated by Barkman Concrete and would not have been possible without a generous donation by Barkman Concrete of Steinbach.”

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