Choosing a Landscape Kit

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on August 2nd, 2012


Before purchasing a Barkman landscape kit, it is very important that you develop a plan of how the pieces will be laid out in your backyard and which kits you will be using to achieve the design that will best suit the space and your lifestyle.

Entertaining – What types of entertaining do you plan to do in your patio area? Will it be used just for family and small groups, or will you need to accommodate large gatherings at times? Would you use a bar if that was incorporated into the design?

Patio furniture – What types of patio furniture do you plan to use? Will it just be seating or is having a table important to you? Could you use the additional seating provided by a border wall?

Fire or water – If sitting around a fire is what you envision for your patio, you’ll want to focus your patio design around a fire pit. If it is the serenity of flowing water that fits your ideal for peace and quiet on your patio, then the placement of a waterfall will be a very important element.

Walkways – Traffic flow will be important to consider as you develop your overall design. Where will people be entering the patio area from? Primarily one entry point, or several? How will the traffic flow from one area of the patio to another? Will you want a transition path from one patio area to another?

A carefully thought out design that takes all these things into consideration will ensure that you purchase all the right elements to complete your project, allowing you to enjoy it in the days to come. For a detailed look at each landscape kit and for instructions on how to build your own, visit the landscape kit section on our website.

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