Creative Vision to Reality

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on December 19th, 2011

Barkman always has risen to the challenge when approached by Landscape Architects for custom products. We look forward to the creative proposals and ideas to see what we can accomplish.

Early in 2010, we received a request from a landscape architect Glen Manning from Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram for a custom triangle paver. After numerous discussions with different departments at Barkman, we came up with a paver that we knew would work great for the University of Manitoba School of Arts. The outside dimensions and thickness needed to be changed a few times in order to perform under site conditions. The landscape architect also wanted a paver that would be a custom light grey mix that would achieve a certified solar reflectance index ( SRI) of 29. By doing this, Barkman helped provide the architect with green, sustainable products used for LEED Certified buildings.

In the spring of 2011 the project was tendered, and like many custom jobs – the deadline was tight. The mold we wanted to have made in Germany was now up to us to manufacture. The maintenance department did a great job of making the mold on time and to specification. This paver was by far the most difficult to install given how precise each piece needed to be placed to ensure proper lines based on the architectural specification. Each piece weighed 88 lbs and was easiest to install with a pneumatic lifting device. The final installation looks amazing!

This is another fantastic project by Barkman to bring a creative vision to reality.

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