Curb Appeal with Steps

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on January 4th, 2017

Note: Our Winnipeg Steps are discontinued but we do have step alternatives that you can consider.

Selling a home with an aging, worn-out front step was a challenge for one customer in Winnipeg. Curb appeal was his priority to ensure a good price for his home. The Barkman Perma Step was selected to replace his front step after considering the different types of Barkman step styles. Interestingly enough, these steps required the use of screw anchors since the customer wanted to leave his existing concrete deck intact. The typical Perma step installation method involved bolting an angle iron to the foundation wall with the front resting on footing pads or screw anchors. The challenging part of this install came down to two factors. The first being the gas line running very close to the concrete pile location that was under the step. To drill the pile safely, the contractor had to hand dig to find the line, to ensure no damage was done to the line. Alas, the gas line was found just shy of three feet below the surface, so with this issue out of the way, drilling was resumed. Getting to the second issue was next. For the whole project to look complete, the Perma step platform had to be flush with the existing concrete deck. This was accomplished by slowly adjusting each adjustment plate supplied with the screw anchors until it was perfect.

The entire installation went flawlessly. After the step installation was complete, the customer poured a new sidewalk which topped off the job. The new precast concrete step drastically changed the look of the front of the house and added to the overall curb appeal.

** Barkman steps are only sold in Winnipeg.


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