Enjoying the 2017 Barkman Family Picnic

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on June 23rd, 2017

Every year, Barkman holds a Family Picnic where our employees and their families can relax, have fun and be entertained. For this year, the picnic was held last Monday, June 19th at the A.D. Penner Park in Steinbach, where three hundred people enjoyed an evening of delicious food, kids games and musical entertainment. Thankfully, the rain stayed away long enough for us to enjoy the entire evening without interruption. A big thank you to Carrie Skrabek and her entire team for organizing the picnic and creating a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you as well to Island Breeze Manitoba for the musical entertainment and staff volunteers that facilitated the Treasure Map games for the kids (and kids at heart).




We had a little over 50 kids take on the obstacles to finish the map to claim the treasure and the kids took their map completion very seriously to get their earned prize. Also, very important decisions were made choosing just one prize from the treasure box full of toys.

It was overall a lot of fun for everyone involved. We look forward to another enjoyable Barkman Family Picnic next year.

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