Family Fun with Broadway Planks

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on October 18th, 2016

When thinking of ferris wheels and carousels, your mind does not think Broadway 318, but that is exactly what the architects at Oxbow Architecture did. Playland Saskatoon is a small fun park for children and adults alike. The City of Saskatoon along with Potash Corp of Saskatchewan and Canpotex drove the initiative to provide a place for children to play in the city with a diversity of experiences including water play, and spaces for youth and young kids. Many other design aspects and site selection were considered, including the rehabilitation of the riverbank on Spadina Crescent, where the park is located. Playland boasts of a train in Canadian Pacific livery which you can ride around the park on, a large carousel and a ferris wheel, which are the obvious attractions. When one looks closer and walks around the park, they find the entire experience: water attractions for children, play structures and what could be considered the steepest children’s slide in the world.

Sierra Grey was the colour chosen for the Broadway 318 and is complemented by a circle made from granite in a color closely resembling Antique Brown. Rectangular concrete seating was integrated across both surfaces. These seats were designed to look like big pieces of Broadway 318. When entering Playland from the car park, the Broadway 318 is laid out in front of you, creating the feeling the park is actually bigger than it is. The contractor had his work cut out for him due to changing grades to accommodate the required drainage. This can become very challenging for the workers during installation, especially on undulating grades with the product being laid lengthwise. The installation turned out excellently, and now thousands of children run and play in a safe place, which was possible with the help of Barkman Concrete.

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