Spotlight: From the Ground Up

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on November 1st, 2016

A big change was required to give this back yard in Winnipeg a dramatic transformation. Silver Stone Landscaping, the contractor tasked with this project, installed this in May of this year. Instead of installing one large patio, the yard was divided into four distinct zones, including a putting green, fire pit area, raised patio and a place to cook pizza. Each space was placed around a central lawn. Early on, when they started designing the yard, Silver Stone Landscaping realized that elevation was key to provide the dramatic transformation needed for this back yard. Rosetta Outcropping walls were deemed the perfect choice to create large curved walls with areas above for a fire pit and an outdoor eating area.

One of the greatest aspects of this project is the variety of Barkman products used throughout the entire yard, with Rosetta Outcropping and Belvedere wallsFlagstone, Roman pavers, and GFRC site furnishings dotting the landscape. This yard truly shows the diversity of Barkman products and the importance of every team member that makes them.

When asked why they use only Barkman, Silver Stone Landscaping remarked, “We choose to use Barkman Concrete because of their superior quality, and exceptional customer service. Barkman employees will stand behind their product and literally go the extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction to the contractor as well as the end-user. That is quality that you cannot buy.”

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