Introducing our New Barkman Product Calculator

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on October 5th, 2016

To help you make the right Barkman product choices for your landscape project, we’re excited to bring you our new Barkman Product Calculator. This new tool will estimate the product you will need to complete your hardscapes project.

Let’s go through the Calculator step-by-step.

First, choose between a Paver or a Wall project.



After selecting your project, provide details including project type, square footage, description, etc. Indicate in the (optional) description section any big or small details that will help your dealer or installer with your product selection. Note: the Project Name field can be used or left blank, it is there for your reference.



Once you’ve entered all information, the Calculator will present Barkman product options that will fit your project. These options will be a mix of pavers and slabs, products that are applicable to your project type off your previous selection. Each product will link to more information from our website, helping you decide what fits your project. In this page, you will also select product colour. Click “add to project” after making your colour selection.

A summary of project details will be shown on the right hand side as reference along with the recommended base rock and bedding sand.



After product selection, choose the pattern options for your specific product. Click “add to project” after making your choice.



Once you’ve selected your pattern, you have the option to choose a border for your project. Each border selection has website links to more information. But if you don’t plan on having one, you can skip this step.

In this page, you need to also choose the colour, provide the lineal feet required and type of border. After selecting all these information, click “add to project.”



If you wish to have additional products for your landscape projects, you can select from the variety of options available. For more information, click the website link of your product choice. Then click “add to project” to include it. This option can also be skipped.



You’ll see all of your final project details in the results page. If you wish to update the square footage of your project, you can revise it and click “update results.” If you want to change the product and pattern, or add borders and add-ons, you can click the tabs above and make those changes.

After you’re done, you have the options to email, print your results and find your nearest retailer.


Below in more detail are the elements of your results:

Quantity Options: Some products will have multiple quantity options: by the pallet, by the row, or by piece. For convenience, we also have an option that breaks your results down that includes both pallets and rows.

Actual Square Feet: This references the actual square feet that outputted results would amount to. This also reflects the waste overage you have selected, in this case, 5%.

We hope you find this new Product Calculator as a better tool in helping you make your dream landscape project.

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