Investing in Innovation – Perfetto and FaceMix

Written by Jason Plett Published on March 20th, 2018

Barkman has been at the forefront of innovation over the years, having a slew of new product offerings yearly that cater to the discerning hardscapes market of both end users and main customers (dealers, contractors, architects, specifiers, engineers and other commercial and municipal institutions). Key to these innovations is the significant capital investments made in the last few years, which include the Hess plant in Steinbach. The Hess plant’s capabilities allows us to create more quality tested, durable products as well as push the boundaries in the hardscapes industry through exploring creative possibilities in making our products better. These innovations are a part of what our Hess plant offers our customers:

Exceptional Beauty, Written in Stone
Perfetto is the latest globally patented technology that’s implemented in our Hess machine this year, and it’s the first of its kind in the Canadian market. It allows for the production of decorative, dappled patterns on concrete paving stones, slabs and walls with visually stunning characteristics. Perfetto is currently available for the Broadway family of pavers in two colours – Regency White and Cosmo Black. This technology can also come in custom colours, providing unlimited design opportunities for any outdoor space.

While some textured surfaces capture silts and lose their aesthetics over time, the Perfetto’s smooth surface finish does not easily allow for dirt, silts, or debris to compromise its visual appeal. This makes Perfetto products perfectly suited to both residential and commercial applications.

Beauty and Brawn, Exactly Where They’re Needed
Face Mix is a process technology implemented in our Hess plant which allows us to produce vibrant, rich colours and creative colour blends due to a resulting smoother surface in hardscapes production. It removes the coarse aggregate from the surface of the paving stone and brings in a higher level of colour and cement at the surface. The upper portion of each paver, slab or wall produced in the Hess plant, features a permanent blend of high-strength concrete comprised of vibrant color pigments and surface materials that results in a fine finish. This advanced and automated process concentrates the purest color pigments, finest aggregates and dense concrete mix in the top surface layer of each paving stone where it is visible and matters most. Overall, Face Mix allows us to be creative in our colour offerings, helping us provide our customers a variety of options for their living spaces.

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