Expanded Capacity, Better Distribution – A New Barkman Plant in Merritt, BC

Written by Jason Plett Published on March 26th, 2021

Barkman has developed a name as an innovator in precast concrete manufacturing. What started as a small hardware store that went on to produce concrete septic tanks in Steinbach, Manitoba, has grown into a company that produces a diverse line of precast concrete products with over 200 employees across three manufacturing locations.  Barkman’s vision is “to become the brand of choice in North America through innovative concrete products” and through its experience over the past seven decades Barkman has laid the foundation for a sustainable future. 

As a Canadian family-owned company, Barkman is proud and excited to announce the next major milestone in the company’s history. This year, Barkman has begun the construction of a 40,000 square foot hardscapes production facility in Merritt, British Columbia. This investment in Barkman’s Western Canadian market represents its long-term commitment to its customers in the form of expanded capacity, high-quality products and broadened distribution. The state-of-the-art production facility also represents Barkman’s commitment to the relationship it will develop with the community of Merritt, BC.  “As we work towards commencing production in 2022, we look forward to entering into and building strong relationships with the members of the Merritt Business Community,” says President Brian Pries.  

Barkman is thankful for the loyalty and commitment of its customers that have allowed us to grow. Because of the stability of the hardscapes industry in Western Canada, Barkman is able to sustainably expand Barkman’s production and distribution capabilities. CEO, Alan Barkman says, “We are excited to start this new journey as we invest in our future and we look forward to the many opportunities that opening our fourth location in Merritt, BC will provide.” 


Central Connection 
Sitting at the heart of British Columbia, in the beautiful Okanagan, Merritt, BC is the flourishing and vibrant small city which Barkman has chosen as the location for its newest, state-of-the-art production facility and distribution centre. With a central connection to the rest of the province, Barkman will be positioned to serve its Western Canadian market.


Production Capability 
The 40,000 square foot plant will be equipped with advanced automated production technology which will increase Barkman’s overall capacity. Sitting on a 20-acre parcel of land, Barkman’s Merritt location will also act as a distribution centre for Western Canada.

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