NAOSH 2012

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on May 3rd, 2012

From May 7 – 11th barkman will be participating in NAOSH Week (North American Occupational Safety & Health Week). The week is recognized in Canada, United States and Mexico and is dedicated to the prevention of injuries and illnesses at work, home and in the community.  It is a week where safety professionals get creative and plan activities for their employees that challenge them on their knowledge of safety policies and procedures. It is an excellent opportunity to focus, reinforce and strengthen commitment to safety and health and improves attitudes towards safety. It helps employees understand policies and procedures as well as the importance of them.  The week also helps foster a safety-minded culture and encourages participation at all 4 of barkman’s facilities (Steinbach, Winnipeg, Crossfield and Jordan).

This will be barkman’s 4th year  participating in this event and the Joint Health & Safety Committees have come up with different challenges that hopefully will test worker’s knowledge of safety not only at work, but in their home and community as well.  Some of the activities that employees are welcome to participate in are:

1. Spot the Hazard Challenge – some facilities will have a mock scene set up consisting of numerous hazards; some facilities will perform the exercise using photos of hazardous scenes.  Employees will be asked to find as many hazards in the mock site/photo as they can.  The exercise is designed to help employees assess hazards in any situation and take the necessary precautions to prevent injury or illness.

2. Department huddles are the key focus of the event this year and will be used as our main means of communication with employees.   A huddle is a 5 minute meeting within a department held daily which is used to communicate daily tasks, changes in processes, issues with quality, target dates, etc. It is a period of time designated to help the employees work as a team to overcome obstacles and reach a common goal – a quality product for our customer.

3. Safety Tip Contest which ties in with our huddles.  All employees are encouraged to submit safety tips which will be used throughout the year to start off each huddle.

4. Poster Contest for children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of employees.  This is the 3rd year for the safety poster contest and is a great avenue to help young children to become safety minded.

Of course, there will be trivia every day, a game wheel which will test the knowledge of workers, power point presentations for employees, and the all-important barbecue. This year, in keeping with the theme of Making it Work, we will be focusing on ensuring that employees know what their responsibilities are in emergency situations.  First Aiders will be trained on how to handle emergency situations that may arise, and Emergency Response Teams will be given training on how to respond to emergencies and how to complete the proper reports needed.

All in all, the week will be busy and hopefully fun for all.  The outcome will be an educated workforce, armed with information that can help them face situations as they arise and Making it Work.

To find out more about NAOSH Week visit www.naosh.ca

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