Representing Outcropping and Kodah in Edmonton

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on September 9th, 2016

“The introduction of Rosetta Kodah to the retaining wall family at Barkman could not have come at a better time,” according to Gary with M.D. Lawn Care & Landscaping Ltd. Gary has been installing retaining walls for Landmark townhome projects in the Greater Edmonton area for years, initially using Pisa2 and RomanPisa, then as recently as two years ago, the Landscape Architect (W.L.A. Group Ltd.) wanted to give Rosetta Outcropping a try! Everyone absolutely loved the look of Rosetta Outcropping and felt this block system enhanced the look of the townhomes, giving Landmark a competitive advantage in the market. With the addition of Rosetta Kodah, this Landmark project called Bearspaw Crossing is the first to utilize this new product from Barkman. Gary feels Rosetta Kodah is the “perfect” segmental retaining wall system on the market for these townhome projects. The ease of installation allows his crews to be the most efficient ever! No matter the wall configuration, Gary believes Rosetta Kodah is the ideal choice and his crews find it very easy to install. With Landmark building 3-5 of these townhome projects per year in Edmonton, we can all be assured both Rosetta Kodah & Outcropping will be well represented in Edmonton!

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