Rosetta Applications

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on June 25th, 2012

Rosetta Grand Flagstone

Veert Landscaping, a Manitoba-based contractor, was working on that utilized Grand Flagstone, and Belvedere. We realized at that point the perhaps not everyone is aware of the benefits and beauty that concrete can provide.

There has been growing popularity over the last several years for concrete products that resemble natural stone, and Rosetta products are the solution. Rosetta products are produced using a wet cast concrete mix as opposed to a dry cast mix. This manufacturing procedure allows for natural-looking face patterns and outlines in contrast to dry cast concrete, which generally has the look of limestone.

The Rosetta line offers a number of retaining wall options, each with its advantages. Belvedere and Dimensional Wall both have a natural-looking rock face pattern. Dimensional Wall resembles is a more traditional setup, whereas Belvedere is unique because it comes in six different piece sizes and two different heights, allowing for a more random natural appearance. Outcropping has a similar face pattern to the wall units but is made up of significantly larger blocks making it ideal for large retaining wall applications.

Rosetta products also are offered in slab product lines such as Dimensional Flagstone and Grand Flagstone. Dimensional Flagstone is a high-end slab for consumers interested in clean lineal lines. Grand Flagstone is a wonderful choice for consumers looking for a natural stone-looking concrete patio with randomly shaped pieces.

All Rosetta products come in four colours Northern Charcoal, Pacific Grey, Copper Canyon, and Fond Du Lac.

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