Spot Light: La Salle

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on July 19th, 2013

At barkman, we have the opportunity to visit many incredible landscaping spots. Whether a space is big or small, a lot of planning and work goes into transforming an empty lot into a space to live in.

This particular patio in La Salle is a great example of a location that fulfills many functions at once. The patio itself was created from our Roman paver, a highly versatile product that can be laid in any number of configurations to create a wide variety of shapes. In this case, the pavers have been laid in an ashlar pattern to connect the circle patio and various walkways together.

The house itself borders a golf course and has neighbouring houses on either side of it. Our Pisa2 retaining walls provide a degree of privacy without interfering with the view. The walls also act as planter boxes and are high enough to function as additional seating during a get-together. Furthermore, the walls have been inlayed with lights that better enable the space to be used at night. A darker charcoal was chosen for the wall colour to accent the grey pavers and provide a bit of visual interest that is often lacking in larger hardscape projects.

A custom fire bowl finishes off the space, providing a nice focal point and a place to gather and enjoy the space.

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