What’s Your Next Step

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on January 5th, 2012

Whether it is time to replace your old wooden or concrete steps, or you are adding steps to a new home, you may have many more options to choose from than you were aware of.

Wooden steps require ongoing maintenance and will eventually need to be replaced. Our Perma-steps have the look of traditional solid concrete steps. They are always a good durable option, but they aren’t your only choice, when it comes to concrete. With barkman’s step options, you have lots of versatility and can design your steps to be an attractive accent to your entryway, and not just a utilitarian piece of concrete.

Our step options allow choices in color and step layout. Our Dura-lite steps are individual concrete steps that are mounted on a steel frame to create a unique open stair look to your entry steps. This open stair concept allows you to lay out your steps in a variety of attractive configurations that will give your home a little extra flair. The pebble finish that comes in a variety of colors gives them an added appeal. Because these steps are so easy to install, they are a popular choice for do-it-yourselfers, saving them both time and money. For those entries that require an even more versatile step shape, barkman’s Sectional steps may be your best choice.

Furthermore, barkman also carries the Rosetta step collection. Rosetta steps are particularly useful for backyard landscaping or any scenario where a natural looking step is desirable. Both irregular and dimensional options are available in a number of sizes and natural colour blends.

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