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Costco chooses Barkman Pole Base

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Project: Costco Pole Base
Contractor: Tri-Star Traffic
Location: Winnipeg, MB
Product: Barkman Pole Base
Colour: Natural
Project Owner: Costco

Project Background

Tri-Star received an offer to quote a parking lot expansion in September 2019 with the hope of completion prior to the new year. The customer requested temporary lighting be installed quickly to allow partial use of parking lot during construction.

Product Advantages

Barkman Pole Base greatly simplifies the on-site work and installation.  Without the need for concrete testing, heating,  hoarding, curing, etc. we are able to provide a complete and operational product (base, pole, fixture) in a single day.

Experience With Barkman

We have a positive relation with Barkman and work closely in designing precast solutions whenever possible. By using pre-cast bases vs cast-in-place we are able to transfer the time and effort of forming, placing, and monitoring concrete to occur in the planning stages of a project. In our experience, this method is much more cost and time-efficient.

Author: Trevor Cole, Project Manager at Tri-Star Traffic