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Garrow Park

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Project: Garrow Park
Location: Garrow Road, Kenora, ON
Product: Durahold
Colour: Natural

Project Background

Kenora was host to one of the most significant events of the 2017 Canada Summer Games – the Rowing Event, and the city was tasked with creating a new functional space along the hillside bank of Garrow Park. Ideally, the addition would beautify the hillside, provide crowd seating for the event and deal with soil erosion that had plagued the shoreline.

Design Inspiration and Use of Barkman Product:

With high-speed installation and long maintenance-free life, DuraHold was a solid choice for this project. It is an immense system (0.55m² [6ft²]/unit), making it an ideal product for a demanding and complex project like this. Durahold has an integrated tongue for maximum block shear strength, 5000 psi compressive strength for superior durability, an interlocking groove for an easy install, and a smooth finish with false joints that reduce friction in water applications.

Barkman custom-fitted certain pieces to accommodate the unique design, allowing the wall to curve along with the bank’s natural grade changes. Barkman consulted with the landscape architects and the contractor throughout the project to ensure that the project was completed in time for the Summer Games rowing event.