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Project: Calgary Water Centre Parking
Landscape Architect: Manasc Isaac and Sturgess Architecture
Location: Calgary, AB
Product: Colonial Eco Paver
Colour: Natural
Project Owner: City of Calgary

Project Background

The Water Centre, a project given to Manasc Isaac and Sturgess Architects, is a civic operational and administrative centre located on an industrial site. The 16,000 square metre building brings together two City departments: Waterworks and Wastewater. The project’s industrial/residential context demanded a dynamic yet sensitive response to the site, appealing to both the industrial and residential context. Besting the City’s mandate of LEED® Silver minimum for civic projects, this LEED® Gold certified building cuts energy and water consumption while offering a beautiful and dynamic working environment for its occupants.

Design Inspiration and The Use of Barkman Product:

Barkman’s Permeable Paving System reduces storm water runoff and flooding, and protects local water quality. It does this by permitting water to pass through the specially designed interlocking paver system into the ground, rather than pooling on the surface or running off into storm sewers. Before release into the ground, the water is filtered through the paving system’s crushed aggregate base, trapping most contaminants which can pollute local water systems. The Colonial paver used for this project complements the building’s structure, providing the functions as specified and allowing the project to achieve LEED credits as required.