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Harvest Grove Outdoor Kitchen

Take it Outside

Cooking outside just got a lot easier with Barkman Concrete’s Harvest Grove Outdoor Kitchen Kits. We here at Barkman believe in simplicity for our customers, that’s why our Harvest Grove Outdoor Kitchen Kits are not only easy to assemble, but even easier to use.

Our kits come fully customizable to fit your lifestyle, whether it be built-in burners, barbecues, fridges, or cutting stations. We know that your outdoor kitchen is something that will be a permanent fixture of your backyard and understand that our customers deserve nothing but the best so that is why every component of our kitchens are made with top quality materials and manufactured with precision to deliver the best grilling experience possible.

Your new outdoor kitchen is yours to enjoy for life - we offer a lifetime warranty on our stainless steel burners and beautiful stainless steel grills. And true to our name, Barkman’s top-quality concrete is featured in every kitchen design.

If you are looking for easy, Barkman Concrete has it all for you, right here in our kits! You don’t have to worry about trying to find appliances that may or may not fit into what you are looking for, we have everything you need, right here.

Some of the different components offered in our kits are:

Customize your dream outdoor kitchen kits with these options and more. Your outdoor gourmet cooking experience awaits!

At first glance, you may think our kitchen kits will be a lot of work to get into place, but we have gone to great lengths to ensure the assembly of our outdoor kitchen kits are as easy as possible.

We have kept the customer in mind when producing this kitchen as we know that each backyard and space are just as different than the next one. Our multiple options allow you to choose according to size so these kits can either fit into smaller areas or utilize your entire space to allow for an amazing backyard experience. The easy-to-assemble kitchen comes with all the pre-cut pieces you need and detailed instructions to help create your backyard getaway.

Be the talk of the neighborhood with your new Harvest Grove Outdoor Kitchen Kits.