A High Resolution Colour Finish Crafted In Style

Introducing PREMIUM

A paver or slab used in a residential or a commercial project can make the most impact by showing a rich splash of colour. With Barkman, we have a refined process that has been streamlined to produce a tighter mix of colours using specialty aggregates. This colour technique is called PREMIUM and results in pavers that have a higher resolution face and colour. If you think high definition can only be seen on TV and printers, it’s now possible with precast concrete.

Benefits & Features

Tighter Mix

We have taken our classic paver and use specialty aggregates to compress the mixture to above the recommended compressive strength requirements, resulting in an extremely tight face.

High Definition Colour

Imagine taking a classic paver and enhancing it. This is what we have accomplished with Premium. This new colour process enables us to boost brilliant colours, creating a visually stunning result.

Smooth To The Touch

An incredible Premium feature is that it’s smooth to the touch. Gone are the days of getting sore feet after walking on your patio for a couple hours. Your feet will be thanking us!