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Nothing adds more beauty to a home or commercial landscaping project than the classic look of natural stone - the same look captured in Barkman's wide range of pavers, slabs, and retaining walls.

Landscape Kits

Enhance your outdoor living space with Barkman's do-it-yourself Landscape Kits. With no cutting required, each kit is easy to assemble and has a variety of colors to choose from to suit your taste and fit your style.

Site Furnishings

Add distinctive flair to your next interior or exterior landscaping project with our wide selection of attractive site furnishings and accessories. We have unlimited shapes and color combinations to choose from, and our simple, yet classic styling makes our furnishings ideal for almost any application.

Precast Concrete Steps

Step into an environment designed for your lifestyle with Barkman precast concrete steps. With our sectional steps, dura-lite steps, perma steps and the consistent quality that Barkman offers, we can help make your steps last a lifetime.

Barkman Is Among 2019 Canada’s Best Managed Company Winners And A Finalist for FEYA


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Experienced Concrete Production Workers

Arborwood Spec Sheet

Architextures Spec Sheet

Boardwalk Spec Sheet

Bridgewood Spec Sheet

Bridgewood Step Spec Sheet

Bridgewood Wall Spec Sheet

Broadway 100mm Spec Sheet

Broadway 65mm Spec Sheet

Brookside Slab Spec Sheet

Stone Oasis Compact Wood Box (Left) Sketchup File

Stone Oasis Compact Wood Box (Right) Sketchup File

Modern Firepit Sketchup File

Stone Oasis Wood Storage (Right Side) Sketchup File

Bumper Curbs Spec Sheets

Cast Planter Spec Sheet

Cobble Spec Sheet

Harvest Grove Compact Pizza Oven

Diamondface Slab Spec Sheet

Durahold Spec Sheet

Durahold2 Spec Sheet

Firepit Kits Spec Sheet

Flagstone Spec Sheet

Heartland Spec Sheet

Holland Spec Sheet

Keystone Compac® III – Hewstone Spec Sheet

Skyline Bench

Bridgewood Wall

Cast Patio Table

Lexington Tile Spec Sheet

Mesa Flagstone Spec Sheet

Square Stepping Stones

Navarro Spec Sheet

Pisa2 Spec Sheet

Quarry Stone Spec Sheet

Roman Circle Spec Sheet

Roman Spec Sheet

RomanPisa Spec Sheet

RomanStack Spec Sheet

Stackstone Spec Sheet

Stepping Stone Spec Sheet

Terra Nova Spec Sheet

Travertine Spec Sheet

Verano Spec Sheet

Villa Spec Sheet

Custom Solutions

Customer Appreciation Barbecue

Harvest Grove Napoleon BBQ Grill

Urban Spaces

Belvedere Circle Firepit Instruction Guide

Dimensional Square Firepit Instruction Guide

Barkman Permeability Testing Report


Modern Firepit Guide


Napoleon BBQ Grill Install Guide

Napoleon BBQ Grill User Guide

Commercial Holland

Multi-Coloured Broadway

Bridgewood Stepping Stones

Navarro driveway with Cobble edging

Grand Flagstone Patio with Belvedere Retaining Wall

Broadway 65mm

Cast Bench

Alliance Polybind Complete G2

Keystone Compac® III - Hewnstone

Sump Pump Lid 60”

Well Cribbing 60x60

Well Cribbing 48x36

Well Cribbing 36x36

Sump Pump Lid 36”

Splash Pad 24x12

Splash Pad 96x24 Natural

Splash Pad 51x14 Natural

Splash Pad 30x12 Natural

Septic 24” Manhole

Septic 12” Manhole

Septic 1500 Gal. Cistern

Septic 1400 Gal. Trickle

Septic 1400 Gal. Pump

Septic 1400 Gal. Holding

Septic 1100 Gal. Cistern

Septic 1000 Gal. Pump

Septic 1000 Gal. Holding

Septic 750 Gal. Trickle