Alliance X-Tra Poly Adhesive
Xtra Performance Polyurethane Adhesive

Gator Block Bond Adhesive is one of the strongest polyurethane adhesives on the market. It is especially formulated for bonding concrete, natural stones, blocks, bricks and pavers. It is intended to provide a permanent bond to approved materials and can be used on dry or humid surfaces.


28 oz

10 oz


DescriptionItem No.Size MLCoverage 1/4" Bead
Alliance X-Tra Poly Adhesive 10 oz 123773 295 30 
Alliance X-Tra Poly Adhesive 28 oz 123774 828 85 
Stronghold Spray Gun Applicator 132982   
Stronghold Spray Adhesive 24 oz 133198 667 510 
Stronghold Gun Cleaner 16 oz 133531 473  


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