Quarry Stone Compact Fireplace
Add a Fireplace to Any Backyard, No Matter the Size

The Quarry Stone Compact Fireplace is designed for smaller outdoor spaces and those who want the aesthetics of an outdoor brick fireplace without the hassle. Easy to assemble and built to last, the Quarry Stone Compact Fireplace can easily turn any backyard into something special.

Sizes (H X W X D)

Quarry Stone Compact Fireplace
78 x 44 x 40 in
1981 x 1118 x 1016 mm

Quarry Stone Compact Wood Storage
38 x 32 x 28 in
965.2 x 813 x 711 mm


DescriptionDimensionsAssembled Size MMAssembled Size INIncludesNo. of SkidsPallet 1 LBPallet 2 LBPallet 3 LBTotal WeightPallets Charged
Quarry Stone Compact Fireplace H X W X D 1981 x 1118 x 1016 78 x 44 x 40 Quarry Stone, fire brick, hearth, cap, mantle, spark arrestor, shims, high heat sealant, adhesive, instructions, gloves 3036 2176 594 5806 
Quarry Stone Compact Fireplace Wood Storage H X W X D 965.2 x 813 x 711 38 x 32 x 28 Quarry Stone, Polished Granular Finish Countertop, shims, adhesive, gloves, instructions 2047 2176 594 2047 
ColoursItem No. Stone OasisChiseled Cap
Sierra Grey/Ebony Accent 119339 

Product Notes

These kits were formerly named Stone Oasis Fireplace and Stone Oasis Compact Fireplace. Colours may vary between various components.