Sectional Steps*

The sectional step provides the most flexibility of all Barkman steps. It is available in up to four riser steps and can be manufactured to address most widths and unique entrance shapes.

* Only available in Winnipeg. Call 204-667-3310 for a free estimate.


DescriptionVariable Field 1Variable Field 2Variable Field 3Variable Field 4Variable Field 5DimensionUnit Size MMUnit Size INUnit WeightItem No.
3 Riser – 44" Concrete Bracket    L X W X H   202 101587  
4 Riser – 44" Concrete Bracket    L X W X H   231 101588  

Product Notes

60″ and 72″ platform available upon request. Contact Barkman for a quote. Fractional widths are available; these will be charged to the next foot. It is manufactured in three pieces. The steps and platforms are in one section and the sides are separate. The surface of the steps, platform and the sides of brackets is a “broom finish”. Each riser is 7.25″ high, first riser is 10.25″, tread depth is 11″. Holes will need to be drilled to attach rails (fasteners not included). These steps are ordered on a custom basis for Winnipeg only. Angled platforms available. Subject to truck accessibility.