Quarry Stone Rocket Stove
Highly Efficient Small Combustion Stove

The Quarry Stone Rocket Stove has a highly efficient small combustion stove with an intelligent design that makes use of any small fuel source such as twigs and small branches.



  • Provides a one-of-a-kind camping cooking experience in your own backyard
  • It’s a highly efficient small combustion stove with an intelligent design that makes use of any small fuel source such as twigs and small branches
  • This fuel source is burned in a combustion chamber with a vertical chimney, a highly efficient design that ensures nearly complete combustion. This concentrates the heat in a smooth stream upwards, generating the necessary heat to cook anything you want
  • It has two access points for the user. One on top for efficiently putting the fuel source in the chamber and one below to stoke the fire as needed
  • Features our highly durable Quarry Stone walls in both smooth and tumbled as well as a polished granular countertop to give your kitchen a unique look


Barkman Rocket Stove Starting Procedure (25 min)

What you will need:

  • Firestarter, dry newspaper, or similar items
  • Dry seasoned kindling cut to approximately ¼”- ½” diameter or less
  • Small dry sticks/wood ½”- ¾” diameter
  • The largest wood should be approximately 1” in diameter
  1. Prepare your fire starter/newspaper in the base of the rocket stove. Be sure to have a long and thin piece of wood that can be lit to start the fire.
  2. Drop small pieces of seasoned and dry kindling down the chimney of the stove (as these pieces will burn faster) to help the fire start.
  3. Start the fire by lighting a small stick that can reach the fire starter/newspaper in the burn chamber. Ensure that there is enough fire starter/paper in order to light the small kindling in the burn chamber.
  4. Loosely feed additional small kindling through the angled opening. These pieces should not be stuffed tightly. Loosely fill the opening and extend into the burning chamber at the base of the stove.
  5. As the kindling in the angled opening begins to burn gently, continue to feed the kindling into the burn chamber and as it burns, slowly replace it with larger and larger pieces.
  6. Monitor the smoke as you continue the burn process. A healthy fire should produce little smoke. Lots of smoke is indicative of either poor fuel (wet/unseasoned wood) or a lack of oxygen to create fire through the lower opening.

Sizes (H X W X D)

Rocket Stove
37.5 x 20.06 x 33.5 in
953 x 510 x 851 mm

Storage Unit
37.5 x 32.09 x 31 in
953 x 814 x 787 mm


Polished Granular Finish

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the colour representations found on this website. However, due to the natural characteristics of concrete, the manufacturing process and on-screen display, actual colours in the final product may vary from that shown.


DescriptionDimensionsItem No.Assembled Size MMAssembled Size INIncludesNo. of SkidsPallet 1 LBTotal WeightPallets Charged
Quarry Stone Rocket Stove H X W X D 141076 953 x 510 x 851 37.5 x 20.06 x 33.5 Quarry Stone, Polished Granular Finish Countertop, Stainless Steel Trim, Rocket Stove Assemble, Stainless Steel Cooking Element, Adhesive, Gloves, Shims. 1681 1681 
Quarry Stone Rocket Stove Base (L X D)  508 x 711  20 x 28      
Rocket Stove Assembly H X W X D 140286  12.13 x 4.75 x 22.25 Heat Assembly  23 
Rocket Stove Cooking Element H X W X D 140284  7 x 7 x 1.25 Stainless Steel Cooking Element  
Rocket Stove Countertop H X W X D 141064  20 x 31 x 1.5 Polished Granular Finish Countertop  76 
Rocket Stove Trim H X W X D 140292  8 x 8 x .13 Stainless Steel Trim  

Product Notes

Quarry Stone Outdoor Kitchen Kits, formerly, Harvest Grove Kitchen Kits come with Polished Granular Finish Countertop which have an exposed aggregate and smooth finish. Colours may vary between various components. Outdoor kitchen kits produced prior to 2020 contain a wetcast band, which makes these kits 1″ shorter than our current ones. These kits won’t line up with our latest Quarry Stone Outdoor Kitchen kits due to the height difference.