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Perfetto: An Innovative Hardscapes Manufacturing Technology

Perfetto is the latest globally-patented technology that's implemented in our Hess machine this year, and it's the first of its kind in the Canadian market. It is a process technology that allows for the production of decorative patterns on concrete paving stones, slabs and walls with visually stunning characteristics.

The Perfetto process is currently available for the Broadway 65mm and 100mm pavers in two colors - Regency White and Cosmo Black, providing unlimited design opportunities for any outdoor space.

While some textured surfaces capture silts and lose their aesthetics over time, the Perfetto's smooth surface finish does not easily allow for dirt, silts, or debris to compromise its visual appeal. This makes Perfetto products perfectly suited to both residential and commercial applications.

*Architextures wall in Perfetto colours is special order only.
Current Colours