Pole Base
Lay A Solid Foundation

Pole Base is a precast site lighting foundation that is manufactured according to your exact specifications. Our refined manufacturing process allows us to produce a product that is more visually appealing, higher in quality, and more economical than traditional cast in place alternatives.

It is for these reasons that the utility sector has been choosing precast lighting foundation solutions for decades. Pole Base is designed to bring superior precast technology with a modern aesthetic, to the commercial site lighting sector.

Contact us at [email protected] or ask to speak with our Pole Base Consultant at 1-800-342-2879 if you have any questions.

Advantages of Barkman Pole Base

Efficient Installation

  • No time required for concrete to cure
  • Installation and electrical can be done in one day
  • No need to return to site to strip formwork
  • Weather or wet soil will not delay installation

Superior Quality and Finish

  • Modern profile and high-quality finish
  • Our state-of-the-art facility ensures the optimal conditions are met during the manufacturing process
  • Built for your exact light post fixture and soil conditions
  • Manufactured according to ASTM and CSA standards
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Simplify Your Installation

  • Pole Base arrives at your job site ready for install
  • The height, width, diameter, bolt patterns, conduit alignment, and junction box placements (if required) are built to your spec, so there’s no messing around with those technical details on the job site
  • On site skilled labor can be reduced. Site labor required for formwork, concrete pour, and rebar and anchor placement are not required
  • Simply auger or excavate the hole, set Pole Base, run electrical, and backfill (according to spec)
Pole Base Install Video Pole Base Installation and Backfill Recommendations

Catered to Any Project

We can produce Pole Base, to match any prescribed specifications

  • Concrete specs
  • Reinforcement requirements
  • Required embedment depth
  • Embedded PVC Conduit size and quantity
  • Anchor bolt size/spacing
Generic Specifications

Understanding Pole Base