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The Barkman One-Piece Trenching System

The Barkman One-Piece Trench can be used where longer laying lengths are required. Unlike the modular system it must be machine installed but, with fewer components to work with, it can be installed more quickly. The system features 10-foot long sections, with either open or closed bottom design. Four standard widths as well as two standard depths are available. Custom sizes can also be supplied upon request. Sidewall openings can be placed anywhere required to facilitate cable layouts. Road Crossing capable of withstanding CL-625 axle loads (39,000 lbs per axle) and above.

One-Piece Trenching System

Road Crossings Capable of Withstanding Axle Loads of 39,000 lbs. and Above

To accommodate the additional weight of vehicles, specialized road crossings capable of handling axle loads up to 39,000 lb. and over are available for all Barkman trench systems. Barkman road crossings are available in two standard unit sizes: a 7,000 lb. GVW crossing unit for light duty accessibility and a 39,000 lb. axle load crossing for heavy-duty accessibility. Embedded weld plates allow sections to be tacked together at any length to form a continuous unit of any length. Double, triple and quadruple units are available in certain sizes to facilitate large parallel runs. Recessed concrete or steel covers are available for all of our road crossing units. For axle loads above 39,000 lbs. specialized Barkman road crossings capable of handling loads up to 150,000 lbs. can be utilized. Contact Barkman for more information.

Easy to Remove Standard and GFRC Covers for Fast, Permanent Access

Because Barkman trenches are capped with easy to remove precast covers, you'll enjoy permanent and easier access to your entire electric or mechanical system without having to resort to costly time consuming excavation. These covers provide superior strength and long term durability making them ideal whenever long term maintenance costs are a factor. In addition to our standard precast cover, Barkman trenching also offers a lightweight GFRC cover that is 66% lighter than standard precast covers of similar size. Constructed using the latest polymer, fibre and concrete technologies, these GFRC covers can be easily removed by a single person, making them perfect for utility companies or any installation where weight restrictions are in place governing what a single person can lift.

Standard & GFRC Covers