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The Barkman Self-Supporting Modular Trenching System

The Barkman Self-Supporting Modular System requires no pegging or backfilling during or after construction, and can be used above or below grade. Better still, it can be quickly installed by two people, without the use of heavy equipment. Barkman™s system of interlocking components features five standard widths and three standard depths, allowing for a multitude of possible configurations. Barkman’s truncated tee connections, end units and angle units from 0° to 180° allow for maximum installation flexibility, regardless of the twists and turns your cables or pipes may take. Where the trench must withstand heavy loading, Barkman road crossings capable of withstanding axle loads up to 32,000 lbs. are available and work in concert with the modular trenching system.

Self-Supporting Modular Trenching System

Easy to Remove Standard and GFRC Covers for Fast, Permanent Access

Because Barkman trenching trenches are capped with easy to remove precast covers, you'll enjoy permanent and easier access to your entire electric or mechanical system without having to resort to costly time consuming excavation. These covers provide superior strength and long term durability making them ideal whenever long term maintenance costs are a factor. In addition to our standard precast cover, Barkman trenching also offers a lightweight GFRC cover that is 66% lighter than standard precast covers of similar size. Constructed using the latest polymer, fibre and concrete technologies, these GFRC covers can be easily removed by a single person, making them perfect for utility companies or any installation where weight restrictions are in place governing what a single person can lift.

Standard and GFRC Covers