Concrete Trench
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With over 70 years of experience discover why we recommend using Barkman precast concrete cable trench systems. Designed to meet a variety of trenching applications, Barkman trenching systems deliver the dependable protection and durable construction of cast-in-place concrete trenching, but also offer greater flexibility and easier accessibility, making them the smart choice for protecting power/control cables, fiber optic systems and mechanical piping.

Barkman trenching is available in both a highly flexible Self-Supporting Modular System and a One-Piece System, ideal for installations where longer laying lengths are required. Barkman trenching precast components are designed for corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability. Not only can Barkman trenching conform to your existing situation, it can be easily expanded and/or adapted to meet your future needs.

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One-Piece Trench Systems

Barkman’s One Piece Trenching Systems include Road Crossing Trench and Pedestrian/Light Vehicle Trench, both of which can be built to create tees, angles, corners, end walls and transitions.

Features of Our One-Piece Trenching Systems

  • No pegging or backfilling required
  • Custom sizes and loading available upon request
  • Can be used in below grade or above grade applications
  • Sulfate resistant self-consolidating concrete with CSA exposure class S-1
  • Up to 10-foot long sections, with either open or closed bottom design
  • Custom sizes and sidewall openings can be supplied upon request
  • Removable bridge system allows for variable direction change within trench
  • Option to have a removable or permanent end wall

Road Crossing Trenches

To accommodate the additional weight of vehicles, road-crossing trenches capable of handling axle loads in excess of 39,000 lbs. are available. These trenches are required where heavy vehicular traffic (CL625-ONT 39,000 lbs./axle) will be traveling.

For cases where load ratings above CL625 are needed, Barkman will engineer and manufacture a custom trench system to meet the necessary requirements.


  • Embedded weld plates allow sections to be tacked together continuously
  • Top of walls are reinforced with a 3” galvanized U-channel for wear protection
  • Standard units are designed with solid bottoms having 2-6” drain holes to allow moisture to escape

Pedestrian Light Vehicle Trenches

The same Pedestrian/Light Vehicle trench can be used for both pedestrian traffic areas using lids rated at 200 lbs./sq. ft. or in areas requiring light vehicle traffic where lids designed for 7000 lbs. GVW rating are used. In both applications, the same trench component is used with the cover design as the main differentiator between the two systems. These units are designed with an open bottom to allow easy access for conduit or cable to enter the trench from underneath, but can be built as closed bottom if the project requires it.

Self-Supporting Modular Trench Systems

Ultimate flexibility and ease of installation make our self-supporting trench systems an excellent choice.

Features Of Our One-Piece Trenching Systems

The Barkman Self-Supporting Modular System requires no pegging or backfilling during or after construction, and can be used above or below grade. Better still, it can be quickly installed by two people, without the use of heavy equipment. Barkman’s system of interlocking components features five standard widths and three standard depths, allowing for a multitude of possible configurations.

Barkman’s truncated tee connections, end units, and angle units from 0° to 180° allow for maximum installation flexibility, regardless of the twists and turns your cables or pipes may take. Where the trench must withstand heavy loading, Barkman road crossings capable of withstanding axle loads up to 32,000 lbs. are available and work in concert with the modular trenching system.