5 Patio Styles for Your Backyard Oasis

There are so many ways in which you can express your own personal style when designing your Barkman patio. You get to choose where it will go, how it will look, and what features and designs it will showcase. Whatever you decide, the patio should be filled with your own character and style. Here are five patio installations and style tips that may help inspire you with your own patio design.

Style Tip: Modern

If you have a modern house, or would simply like to spruce up your backyard with a more contemporary style, this type of patio is for you. The stark colours and straight lines of the Travertine Tile provide structure and definition to the patio area. The contrasting earthy surroundings of plants, boulders and the wooden benches transform the space into a warm and comfortable backyard. Other slabs that can be used in a similar way are the Lexington Tile and Brookside Slab.

Style Tip: Rustic

Many people love a rustic look for their backyard. This patio is an excellent example of how this look can be achieved. This round and natural looking Rosetta Dimensional Flagstone patio is perfectly accented by the large boulders, trees and plants that surround it. The Rosetta Belvedere Circle Firepit at the center of the patio offers a wonderful focal point, and nicely finishes the look of a rustic, country-style patio.

Style Tip: Defined Spaces

Defining the spaces we live in is important. It helps create order and can bring a touch of beauty to an otherwise bland area. This patio uses more than one kind of stone to create a well-defined seating area, that looks similar to an area rug. The patio features a beautiful Holland inlay in the dominant Roman pattern to create this effect. Using multiple pavers can help add definition to your outdoor living space. Get creative with variety and define your patio spaces.

Style Tip: Variety

Having enough visual variety in your patio can really help make it interesting and appealing. This patio has accomplished this by using a variety of pavers, grade changes and a raised patio accessible by a set of steps. These qualities make the patio visually engaging and also help define the patio into separate, usable spaces. Just be sure to not overcomplicate your space.

Style tip: Patio Setting

Setting is a vital part to the decision-making process when planning your patio layout. How will the design and style compliment or take away from the natural surroundings? How do you want to feel when using your patio? How will it affect your family and friends who use this patio? The above patio example really fits in well with its surroundings and it is clear that it was well thought out as to where it would fit. The surrounding trees and greenery really help to contain the patio, and create a warm and cozy space, perfect for a night around the bonfire with family.

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