6 Creative Ideas For A Pallet of Quarry Stone Walls

August 12, 2019

Still thinking about that landscape project for this year? It’s not too late to start even if you’re planning to do it yourself.

We want to get you going with 6 do-it-yourself ideas for your backyard project. And what better way to start by using Quarry Stone, one of our classic, economical retaining wall blocks that has a timeless appeal and provides an easy way of reinventing your landscape. These come in single unit block so you don’t have to purchase additional coping and corners. Buying a pallet of Quarry Stone walls at your nearest dealer ┬ácan open up a lot of possibilities for your living space.

Here are 6 creative ideas to get you started. Check out our Idea Book which has ideas ranging from firepits, planters and steps.

Quarry Stone Idea Book