Add Warmth This Fall With a Barkman Firepit

October 06, 2014

Cool breezes, falling leaves, early sunsets and changing colors. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year.

Don’t let cooler weather prevent you from enjoying time with others outdoors. Extend your patio season with a barkman firepit. They can add a warm ambience to a cool evening and it’s nice to be around a fire with good company. Purchasing a firepit is as much about durability as it is aesthetic beauty and barkman has plenty of options ranging from size and affordability.

Oasis Circle Firepit

Our StackStone Fire Pit is a do-it-yourself kit made of stackstone with a classic look that works well in most back yards.  Here it pairs seamlessly with our Barkman Circle Patio. It is available in four colours – Charcoal, Desert Buff, Antique Brown and Sierra Grey.

Oasis Square Firepit

Another Stone Oasis kit is our Quarry Stone Fire Pit. It’s also made out of our Quarry Stone and is available in Charcoal and Sierra Grey. As with most of our firepit kits, they come complete with instructions, spark arrestor, gloves and landscape design plan.

Additionally, our Rosetta Kit Collection includes two firepit options that deliver the classic look and feel of nature.

Belvedere Firepit

The Belvedere Circle Firepit is made up of various size blocks that replicate the look of natural stone and transforms your backyard into a warm retreat. It’s a little bit larger than our other firepits (42″ inside diameter) which makes it great for larger areas.

Dimensional Firepit

Dimensional Square Firepit is another Rosetta option that is made up of chiseled, clean and refined blocks which make it look sophisticated and highly natural. Both the Belvedere Firepit and Dimensional Firepit are available in Fon du Lac, Copper Canyon and Pacific Grey colours.

We developed our firepit kit collections to best suit any existing landscape design plans you may have. Firepits work well in the backyard as a focus point for future design ideas in an ever evolving outdoor living space. Always remember that the best backyard designs are centered around people coming together and enjoying each other’s company. Why not add a bit of warmth?

Contact your nearest dealer for more information.