Another Barkman Trench Service

Typically, when one thinks of the average customer services provided by a trench supplier, one would think of legitimate activities such as free quotations, free technical support, complete engineered drawings, shipping services and the sort. Although this list is accurate and undoubtedly includes activities supplied by most trench suppliers, I think barkman has again taken its level of service to a HNL (Hole ‘Nother Level).

We recognized the value in bringing a presentation to our customers and potential customers, so when we presented the idea to barkman, the support for the idea was immediate. As a result, in 2011 and continuing in 2012, we have had the immense fortune of being able to visit clients all over North America, giving them a detailed description of what barkman has to offer for each of their specific projects.

Our most recent trip took us to the city of Edmonton, Alberta where we had the fortune of visiting 6 different companies over 2 days in what turned out to be a whirlwind of visitations. We were usually under the gun to get in, give a meaningful and insightful look into what it is that barkman does so well, and get out so we could meet our next appointment. These visitations have turned out to be the perfect catalyst for bridging the gap between us and our valued customers. Meeting them face to face to let them know how flexible we are in our production and hearing their challenges in the field helped us consider how we can better provide concrete solutions to the customers concerns.

Each visit turned out to be a homerun. We could not have been happier with the level of acceptance and followup comments we received.

Having the engineering firm on our latest trip only added to the value the outing brought to our customers. With our engineering partners right there to answer any questions, the details could be discussed so that all engineering related questions could be addressed immediately and fully. I thank them for being a part of our latest “road show”.

If you are reading this blog and think that such a presentation would be beneficial to your company, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do everything we can to make it fit into our schedule the next time we are in your area.

To those that helped make our last trip such a success and to those joining us on future trips I express my sincere thanks.

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