Spotlight: An Extraordinary Hill Side Installation

The picturesque Okanagan Valley is not wanting for serene landscapes and breathtaking views. Home builders and landscapers are met with the challenge to honor the natural landscape with a smart design that does not try to improve on the wisdom of nature.

Such was the challenge for Tim Valerioti, owner and operator of Hampton Pools and Landscape, who was tasked with constructing a custom pool and landscape that fit naturally into the sheer granite cliff side of West Kelowna. Tim and his team set aside 4 months to complete the project in time for a wedding, but timeliness was the least of his worries.

In Kelowna and surrounding area, there are strict stipulations for builders if they are to get approval to build and develop. Tim describing the project as difficult is an understatement.

“As the project was right on the lake, we had to work with the province and the city to come up with a plan that met environmental requirements. Working under the Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR system), we came up with a design that actually provided the client with the functionality they were looking for, at the same time returning the property back to a more natural state. Using the Rosetta stone was critical for us to accomplish the look the environmental engineer wanted with the structural integrity required.”

“The client wanted a pool surround and regular retaining walls were out of the question, so we proposed Rosetta Outcropping wall for its more natural look to blend in with the existing rock face.”

Then came the actual build which required existing structures and block walls to be removed and replaced. Machine installed large retaining wall systems are easy to install in normal circumstances with the right access, but this space was sitting below a 80 foot natural granite face cliff, which added to the challenge.

“It took a month of deconstruction and hundreds of construction bags to move all the material off the shore line by barge. Then all had to be unloaded at the docks and taken to appropriate dumping sites”, Tim recalled. Old railings, stairs and existing structures had to be carefully demolished and properly barged out for recycling, making sure nothing fell into the water. “Product and tools had to be barged in off the lake, including the skid steers and excavator required to install all the elements,” Tim added.

Barkman’s Rosetta Outcropping wall product was then stacked and placed to retain soil for planting and provide a veneer for the custom made infinity pool. Tim said that the actual Outcropping install took 20 days. “Installing Ourcropping was a bit challenging in such a small space. The walls themselves went up quickly, it was the coordination to get them to the site and in the right place that took the extra time,” he said.

Another aspect to the project is the never before seen floating staircase made of Rosetta Irregular Steps which were hand crafted to maintain the seamless natural aesthetic without having to build up base for a traditional set of steps.

“I came up with the floating stairs idea, but it was my team that pulled it off. I wanted the main pool deck to seem to be floating and for that to be accomplished I needed the steps to be open tread. As we were not permitted to use metal stairs, we used the Rosetta Irregular Steps to match all the walls going in. At night I wanted the steps to glow so we spaced them to allow the light to come through at night, giving it the floating feel. It was very difficult as it all had to be put in before the upper deck was built so a bunch of design and site engineering had to happen to pull it off. In the end it worked out great.” Tim said as he described this truly one-of-a-kind installation.

All things considered, this site illustrates stark design challenges that called for innovative solutions and Hampton delivered. “We use Rosetta as an element of design and engineering that works well with the natural rock landscapes of the Okanagan Mountains.  Overall this project allowed us to use the product in unique ways to provide all parties involved with what they were looking for.”

And yes, everything was done in time for the wedding, Tim happily remarked. “In the end, it was a successful and spectacular endeavor with happy clients, a great wedding, and a very unique landscape that already is a stop for local boat site seeing.”

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