Why Do We Think Our Trenching Is The Best?

We know we bring an absolute bias to this article, but we’ll back up my statements with facts and hopefully, you too will be on board when we make the confident statement that Barkman trenching is the best alternative for trenching on the market.

Recently we were asked to quote a trench that is 40″ wide inside and 30″ high and it was to have a load rating of CL-625. Now, this is not at all a standard size of trench here at Barkman, so a job like this typically brings with it a few unknowns that when they expose themselves cause over budget costs and time issues that usually impact the lead time asked for. We were awarded the project on August 15th and we asked for an 8-week lead time, meaning we had to have the trench on-site by no later then October 3rd if we wanted to meet our promised delivery date (We actually asked for 8-10 weeks, but since we’d like to under-promise and overachieve, we stuck with the 8-week target). We are glad to say that today is Sept 27th and the first truck is well on its way and the second will be there before the end of the week. Once again we not only met our goals but exceeded them proving, to me anyway, that what our team does in regards to providing drawings, getting trench made, loaded and shipped is second to none. The Barkman team continues to impress with their ability to get the job done and done on time. This scenario is one that happens time and time again.

Even when we have a customer who calls with an issue, we provide an immediate response. Recently we had a customer that had been given bolt-on plates to attach trench together. The bolt holes were a little too close together for some of the trenches. Barkman’s response: we sent a truck there and had the plates picked up the next day and brought back to our manufacturing plant. The holes were redone in the proper place and we had the plates back on the job site within a matter of a few days. When we have an opportunity like this to show our customer service attitude and decision making, that is when we really shine. Thanks to all of you responsible for getting resolutions like this done in a timely manner.

We typically follow up sales with a call after the trench is in place to find out if there were any issues that we need to address. The typical response is that the system worked great and that the service was outstanding. This type of remark undoubtedly leads to repeat customers and for that, we thank our colleagues here at Barkman for their incredible job. We are proud to be a part of this team.

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