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Written by Barkman Concrete Published on July 22nd, 2019

Here’s an in-depth look at Barkman products that have captured your interest through the years.

Quarry Stone Compact Pizza Oven

The Quarry Stone Compact Pizza Oven Kit is ideal for all outdoor kitchens and backyards. The easy-to-assemble kit of wet and dry cast pieces creates a stylish and compact pizza oven perfect for any sized backyard or patio. Its minimal and elegant design makes it attractive in any setting and is a celebration of form and function. The easy-to-use wood-burning oven is designed to match Barkman’s Outdoor Kitchen products and kits and like the existing products,
is easy to assemble in any backyard.

Due to its small size, the Quarry Stone Compact Pizza Oven is ideal for small backyards and the wood storage in the unit’s base provides an easily accessible and dry storage location. The simple and elegant design boasts beautiful dark accent pieces on either side of the oven which complement the shape and colour of the oven and countertop unit. The Italian made pizza oven unit creates authentic and delicious tasting pizzas and can be used to make a wide variety of other foods as well. The oven unit can be placed on any existing fire-safe countertop and can be purchased individually. The Compact Pizza Oven celebrates high quality in its function and design and is perfect as a stand-alone product or in any outdoor kitchen setup.

Smooth Quarry Stone Fire pit

The Smooth Quarry Stone Fire pit is a Barkman landscape kit, perfect for any backyard. The dark un-tumbled bricks are made using a dry cast method, beginning as a dry mix which is then compressed and cured to form the hard bricks, creating a durable kit that remains strong under heat. The Smooth Quarry Stone Fire pit comes with a stainless steel insert that helps prevent cracking and colour changes and ensures a lasting product that looks and functions well for many years after installation. This fire pit also comes with a spark arrestor.

The Smooth Quarry Stone Fire pit fills a gap in the current market landscape as a highly modern fire feature. Inspired by the sleek and sharp lines trending in architectural design, this fire pit works well in urban and contemporary environments and pairs well with Barkman features like the Architextures walls. Made with a one-size, lightweight
brick, the Smooth Quarry Stone Fire pit is designed to be easy and simple to install for both homeowners and contractors. Celebrating clean, sharp lines and edges, the Smooth Quarry Stone Fire pit is truly a masterpiece
of design. Its contemporary aesthetic makes it a perfect addition to any modern space

One40Two Cedar Bench

The One40Two Cedar bench is a contemporary bench designed for urban spaces. Designed to show off the potential of raw concrete, the bench’s 142⁰ angle from which its name is derived creates a sense of weightlessness for the user. The wet cast concrete base is poured upside down, to reduce “bug holes” or small irregularities made by curing wet concrete in a mould. The concrete base is structurally reinforced with steel to ensure its longevity and durability as a product. Once set, the bench is fastened to the base.

Made of Red Western Cedar, the seat is stained dark to complement the raw concrete and create a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Designed to allow the wood to shift and grow without warping the shape or orientation of the bench, the One40Two bench is created to withstand the elements, while maintaining its aesthetic integrity. The One40Two Cedar bench combines the sleek look of concrete with the warmth of cedarwood. Its gravity-defying design makes it both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and a proper showcase of the potential of raw concrete. The One40Two bench is the culmination of modern aesthetics and good design and is perfect for any urban space.

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