Agricultural Products for Beef and Dairy Farming
Products Specially Designed to Meet the Needs of Beef and Dairy Farming

Barkman has provided farmers with concrete gang slats for livestock flooring since the early 1960s. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for providing high quality agricultural products for beef and dairy farming. Our slats have a durable, smooth yet non-slip surface manufactured to the highest standards, improving animal comfort and welfare while ensuring optimum beef and milk yields.

Features and Benefits:

  • Greater surface area for animal comfort
  • Extra sure footing
  • Modular design for easy installation
  • Self-cleaning concrete slats
  • Semi-dry precast concrete
  • Designed for comfort and reduced animal injuries

Feed Bunk

Fence Line Feed Bunk

Fence Line Feed Bunk
1438 x 1016 mm
96 x 40 in

h line feed bunk

H Line Feed Bunk
2438 x 1549 mm
96 x 61 in

cattle water tank

Cattle Water tank
2438 x 762 mm
96 x 30 in


individual cattle slat

Individual Cattle Slat
Individual slats are 5 in. wide. Available in lengths from 4 ft.–12 ft. and are 8 in. thick. Slats can be separated with spacers either 1.5 in. or 1.75 in. wide. Individual slats can be notched at the ends to 6 in. high to match up with the gang slat.

cattle slat

Cattle Gang Slat
Available in 42 in. widths. Lengths can vary from 4 ft. up to 12 ft. and are all 6 in. thick.

cattle slat spacer

Cattle Slat Spacer