Roman Circle
Circular Design and Timeless Style

Roman Circle pavers allow you to easily add circular designs to your patio or driveway. Available in three different colours, the Roman Circle adds old world charm to your back or front yard terrace.

When installing Roman pavers, make sure to include a 2-5mm gap between each paver. This will provide enough room for the jointing sand and make installation easier.




Antique Brown

Sierra Grey

Graphite - Only available in BC

Natural - Only available in BC

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the colour representations found on this website. However, due to the natural characteristics of concrete, the manufacturing process and on-screen display, actual colours in the final product may vary from that shown.


DescriptionDimensionsUnit Size MMUnit Size INNo. of Horizontal LayersPallet UnitsPallet Face Area M2Pallet Face Area Sq FtPallet Weight LB
Roman Circle Bundle Outside Diameter X H 3148 x 60 123.96 x 2.36 8.27 89.1 2607 
ColoursItem No.
Charcoal 203124 
Antique Brown 203126 
Sierra Grey 203125 
Graphite 143592 


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Product Notes

Product Information

When installing this product, make sure to include a 2-5mm gap between each unit. This will provide enough room for the jointing sand and make installation easier. Due to the bundle configuration, the customer will receive nine starter stones. The customer is not charged for extra starter stones. Here’s the list of extra product you’ll get for free:

Center stone = 8
8 1/4″ x 9″ = 1
8 1/4″ x 7 3/4″ = 2
8 1/4″ x 7 = 7
8 1/4″ x 6 3/16″ = 8

Pallet Information

Available to order in full pallets only. A $35.00 returnable pallet fee will be charged to any bundle of Roman Circle. The custom order minimum quantity is 1000 sq ft. Contact your local Barkman sales representative for further details.

Unit of Measure

The Unit of Measure for Roman Circle is Pallet. One circle bundle covers 83.86 sq ft, 10.33 ft in diameter. The total diameter of one circle bundle: 123.96 in.

To expand Roman Circle past the 10.33 ft. diameter/89 sq. ft., please refer to the chart for quantities using 8×6 Roman pavers. Additional 8×6 courses will have larger gaps between stones. Download Roman Circle Chart