Edge Restraint
Concrete Stability

Explore our Concrete Edge Restraints, designed exclusively for concrete applications. Our edge restraints prioritize durability and functionality, ensuring the stability of your paved spaces without compromising on simplicity. The straightforward installation process makes securing your concrete pavers easy and efficient.


Snap Edge Single Piece

Snap Edge


DescriptionDimensionsItem No.Unit Size MMUnit Size INPallet UnitsBundle UnitsUnit Weight LBPallet Weight LB
Snapedge L X W X H 112541 2438 x 73 x 44 96 x 2.875 x 1.75 672 24   
Spikes Smooth (Sold in full boxes only) L X W X H 103165 254 (length) 10 (length) 150  0.26 39 
Gator Edge Rigid 8ft Length L X W X H 123763 2428 (length) 96 (length) 672 24   
Gator Screws  123767       
Gator Extreme Edge  142667   56  50  


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Light Vehicular

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Product Notes

Snapedge can be sold by the piece. The 10″ landscape spikes we sell are smooth.