Keystone Linear® (New)
Durability and Elegance

Keystone Linear is a sleek and modern retaining wall system that is perfect for both residential and commercial use. With the ability to create large walls, Keystone Linear is ideal for those looking to make a statement. The double-sided functionality allows for versatility in design, while our pin system allows pieces to be installed flush or pushed in or out to create a randomized façade.

This wall is designed so that both standard and coping work as corners, ensuring a seamless and uniform look. Additionally, the coping can also be used as a stand-alone step or integrated perfectly into an existing Keystone Linear wall.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space or create a modern feel for your commercial property, Keystone Linear is the perfect solution.

The standard Keystone Linear piece uses 2 fibreglass pins. For extra shear strength, 3 fibreglass pins can be used.

Coping units cap off the top of a wall to provide a clean finished top course. They can also be used as steps, providing a modern option for residential or commercial step installation.

Note* the pins used are shorter compared to the pins used for the Compac Hewnstone system.

Sizes (H x W x D)

7 x 39.37 x 13.78 in
178 x 1000 x 350 mm

7 x 39.37 x 13.78 in
178 x 1000 x 350 mm

Fiberglass Alignment Pins
2 x 0.5 in
13 x 51 mm




Graphite - BC & Alberta Only

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the colour representations found on this website. However, due to the natural characteristics of concrete, the manufacturing process and on-screen display, actual colours in the final product may vary from that shown.


DescriptionDimensionsUnit Size MMUnit Size INUnit Face Area M2Unit Face Area Sq FtUnit Weight LBNo. Of Horizontal LayersPallet UnitsPallet Face Area M2Pallet Face Area Sq FtPallet Weight LBNo. of Horizontal Layers
Standard L X W X H 178 x 1000 x 350 7 x 39.37 x 13.78 0.178 1.916 294.12 1.60 17.24 2647.08  
Coping L X W X H 178 x 1000 x 350 7 x 39.37 x 13.78 0.178 1.916 294.12  1.60 17.24 2647.08 
Fiberglass Alignment Pins L X W X H 13 x 51 2 x 0.5   0.03  100/box   3.1/box  
ColoursKeystone Linear StandardKeystone Linear CopingOther2" x 1/2"
Charcoal 143904 143907   
Graphite 143715 143718   
Natural 143903 143906   
   Fiberglass Alignment Pin 143712 


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Product Notes

Pallet Information

Sold in full pallets only. A $35.00 returnable pallet fee will be charged to any bundle of Keystone Linear.  

Unit of Measure

The Unit of Measure for Linear is Each.  

Order Considerations

Contact your local Barkman sales representative for information on special or custom order products in terms of minimum production cycles required. 


Use 2 fibreglass pins per block or 3 for extra shear strength if desired. For a straight wall, place pins in the front hole location, closest to the centre of the block. The largest batter is 1″ or 8 degrees, which you create by putting pins nearest to the outside edge of the block. The 0.5″ offset is 4 degrees which you create by putting pins second from the outside edge. Straight walls can be double-sided with batters on both sides. Alignment pins are sold separately. Coping units should be used for steps. For information on wall heights, consult the product installation guide and technical specifications. Check your local building codes and consult a professional engineer when required